About Us


MechMall.com is a professional MRO 〈Maintenance, Repair, Operation (MRO)〉platform for construction machinery parts and spare parts used in industrial production factories . 

The products are related to mechanical and electrical equipment, mining, construction, chemical building, agriculture, machine tools, equipment spare and wear parts, and even our production technology transfer.

MechMall is founded with the strategy of integrating resources, reducing costs, and improving service quality. It makes “sincerity, generosity, honesty, and loyalty” as its culture, and “quality and service’s its core power. With the good quality, low price and first-grade service, We are trying to make the mechmall.com online store be an efficient platform for the international trades, and serve for the customers from all over the world.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Efficient one-stop purchasing patterns

Our Team

Dozens of professional factories Union

We are not a manufacturer, we are not a trader.

Integration of resources, reduce costs, improve service quality, it is the purpose of the establishment of our platform. We have professional technicians, will recommend the most valuable products through this platform to you, same time to provide as much technical information, provide better support in practical work. We are a Supply Chain Company. Through reviewing and selecting products, we provide customers with the most convenient procurement services.


Quality assurance
Each type of product has been investigated and selected factories across the country; High-quality products are selected at reasonable prices that make you avoid being taken in the uneven market.
Efficient procurement
It save a lot of time looking for products and negotiate for you, In mechmall.com platform intensive accessories of the whole production line, we sell not only the equipment, but more importantly is the service.
Good buys
“Just like when you go to the supermarket at your doorstep, our products will be marked with accurate prices and provide clear models or descriptions. At the same time, we are committed to providing brands with different price levels for the same functional products.You can rest assured to choose the most suitable product for you.


Development History
In 2011, mechmall.com was established,At first, we established the BBS model, The first domain name was bbsmachine.com.Here we provide mechanical equipment maintenance information; Online purchase information; Foreign trade exchange forum.
In 2014, we officially launched mech-mall.com and began to focus on the supply chain of mechanical parts.
In 2015, we obtained the ownership of mechmall.com and started an e-commerce platform focusing on the supply chain of construction machinery accessories.
In 2020, we will not forget our original intention and plan to re provide a platform for the exchange forum of mechanical parts, Focus on our original purpose to help purchasers and maintenance personnel obtain parts information more easily. A new forum, finddrawing.com, is under development.
In the near future, we have a long plan and a long way to go…