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Complaints and Legal Advisory Center

Your Excellency:
Welcome to the MECHMALL Complaints and Legal Advisory Center.
Regardless of whether you are our supplier, customer, or work partner, you can either make a complaint on the issues that arise during the cooperation or consult the legal issues in the cooperation. You can contact us by fax or email:

24hours fax:086-0371-85228155

Note: Our company strictly carries out business transaction activities in accordance with laws, regulations, business ethics and market rules, and the internal audit department will conduct internal verification and supervision. Our company promises that if employees have request brokerage,shoddy, have an interest in the parties, and other abnormal behavior, once verified, we will seriously deal with them. Serious cases will be submitted to the public security and judicial organs.

This information will be kept confidential directly send to management, in order to give you a fair and timely response

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