DH960 IV Weighing Controller


DH960 IV Weighing Controller

DH960 IV Weighing Controller/Batching Controller 

This is a batching control equipment specially designed for construction, chemical, food and other industries. Adopt LCD Chinese characters (character) display interface, friendly man-machine interface, convenient for production and operation; this product has breakpoint memory function; according to actual working environment requirements, lightning protection technology is added to the design to make this product work in harsh working environment The stability performance is further improved.

LCD Chinese character display, convenient for users to operate and use, improve equipment grade;
Chinese prompts for fault errors, which is convenient for users to solve faults and reduce losses;
Provide complete material batching control function, batches can be set arbitrarily, and can be suspended at any time during operation;
Up to five different kinds of materials can be controlled;
Four language versions are available: Chinese, English, French, and Vietnamese.



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