PSD900 Batching Controller


Weighing controller: PLY900

replace XK3160P, XK3160-A1, XK3110

PSD900/PLY900 batching controller

Automatic weighing controller
Quantitative batching scale
Weight display table
Cement scale force measuring control instrument

With RS485 Communication Interface; MODBUS communication

1、Main functions
 A combination of weighing, display, communication, printing and proportioning control.
 With analog, digital double filtering function.
 Automatic error diagnosis, easy to find and solve problems.
 Provide complete material batch control.
 Automatic/manual dosing.
 The batching process can be suspended at any time.
 With automatic zero tracking.
 Can realize automatic reset to power on.
 Automatic zeroing with ingredient start.
 Automatic selection with 4 materials.
 Feel free to modify and print the recipe.
 With manual / automatic setting drop correction function.
 With password permission setting function, easy to manage.
Zero setting range, zero tracking range, overload range.

MODBUS communication

PLY900 Weighing Controller Operation Manual 

Weight 1.5 kg




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