Atos SDKE-1714 10S Solenoid Valve


Atos SDHE-1714 10S
COE-24DC/10, 30W
Suitable medium: oil
Material: cast iron

Atos SDHE-1714 10S Solenoid Valve

ATOS vane pump, ATOS piston pump, ATOS solenoid valve, ATOS conventional valve, ATOS stack valve, ATOS cartridge valve, ATOS proportional valve, ATOS hydraulic cylinder, ATOS servo hydraulic cylinder, ATOS electronic devices and hydraulic system.

Main models : Vane Pump (PFE-31/41/51, PFE-32/42/52, PVL), Piston Pump (PFR, PVPC), Multi-Pump (PFED, PFEX, PFRX, POX) Valves (SP-CART, ARE, ARAM, AGAM, AGIR, AGIR, AGIU, REM), Flow Control Valves (QV-06, QV-10, QV-20, AQFR) ADRL, AGRL, AGRLE), Standard solenoid directional valves (DHI, DHU, DHD, DKI, DKU, DKD, DLOH, DLOK, DPH * -1, DPH * -2, DPH * -3, DPH * -6) Pressure Control Valves (HMP, HM, KM, HS, KS, HG, KG, JPG-2, HC, KC, JPC), Flow Control Valves (HQ, KQ, JPQ-2, JPQ-3, DHQ, DKQ) Check valves (HR, KR, JPR-2, JPR-3), etc.


Weight 6 kg




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