ITS311 Series Valve Position Monitors


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ITS311 Valve Position Monitors
P&F. NJ2-V3-N,
p+f NBB3-V3-Z4 NO 24V

ITS302 Series Limit Switch Box Valve Position Monitors

ITS300 ITS302 ITS305 ITS306 ITS310 ITS311 designed suitable for valve and actuators in hazardous area application.
ITS311 Proximity Type(P&F NJ2-V3-N ) : 158.00

P&F. NJ2-V3-N (intrinsically safe)
Inductive proximity sensor
Voltage range: 8 V dc
Sensing range: 2 mm

Other optional configurations:

ITS-311 two-wire system normally open type 10-30vdc :71.00USD
ITS-311 two-wire system normally closed 10-30vdc
ITS-311 three-wire system PNP normally open type 10-30vdc
ITS-311 three-wire PNP normally closed type 10-30vdc
ITS-311 three-wire system NPN normally open type 10-30vdc
ITS-311 three-wire system NPN normally closed 10-30vdc

ITS VALVE Position Monitor
ITS Valve Position Monitor
Proximity Type(P&F NJ2-V3-N )
ITS-Valve Position Monitors-Dimensions
Weight 1.5 kg




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