JL25 auxiliary gas nozzle



Model:JL2:8.00USD; U025: 6.00USD;

Normal operating temperature: -40°C to 170°C
Compressed air working pressure: ≤ 0.6bar
Recommended intermittent operation

JL25 Auxiliary Gas Nozzle

Carbon steel JL25 mixing station gas nozzle; Silo gas nozzle; Fluidizer gas nozzle;
Widely used in construction, food, ceramics, plastics, glass, metallurgy, chemical pharmaceutical, wood – paper industry.it has been successfully tested by the following materials: cement, sand, lime, calcium carbonate, flour, food additives, diatomaceous earth, talc, dolomite, soda ash, feldspar, limestone.

gas nozzle

Weight 0.5 kg




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