ZAC10 SSR Cycle Controller


ZAC10 SSR Cycle Controller/Frequency Controller

Selection considerations;
The cycle controller has 3 input types:
I type: 4~20mA, V type: 0~10VDC, P type: PWM pulse

Application Description:

The most widely used SSR signal processing controller in industrial electric heating system. It can accept PWM or 4 ~ 20mA input, generate cycle zero-crossing type (PWM duty cycle control) and cycle zero (CYC cycle ) Two outputs, direct drive SSR or (Ximaden) SW03A thyristor power expander. With hard manual operation and auxiliary power adjustment function, advanced cycle zero output. Since the on-off of the load current is based on the uniform distribution of sine waves and the randomness and superposition of the operation of multiple devices, the resulting total power load current is relatively balanced, which improves the adjustment accuracy and the power utilization efficiency and avoids the need to With the increase of power equipment, the effect of power saving is very obvious.

Optically isolated input P type: pulse width modulation (duty cycle) pulse, period: 2 seconds; high level: 4 to 15V; low level: 1.5V; maximum input current: <20mA optical isolation

Voltage >2KVDC (one second test)

4~20mA input type I: Accept impedance <250 ohms Adaptation interface: Japanese island electric P or I type PID regulator or DCS output interface.

Output: 0~12V pulse, maximum drive current: 60mA Auto/Manual selection: external non-voltage contact switch selection

Internal MS output mode: Select by jumper connector 1) PWM duty output 2) CYC output

Internal power limit: Internal potentiometer P1 adjustment (factory-free limit) Range: 0~100%. Note: Invalid in manual or PL mode.

60 seconds power-on Slow start: start on the first power-on or manual to automatic, used to reduce the average power of the cold start.

PL Special Power Limit: See Application Note LED: PWM signal or 4~20mA input green LED; red LED output indicator.

Load connection mode: 50Hz single-phase or three-phase triangle or star center is not grounded/grounded, two-phase three-phase pure resistance load, no phase sequence.

Ordering Instructions and Accessories:

Input P, type ZAC10-P; input 4 ~ 20mA, type ZAC10-I.

Note: Differentiate by the input sign P or I on the product label. One copy of the manual, one manual potentiometer and one dial.

Power supply: 220VAC50HZ (380V not available) Power consumption: 3W Insurance: 0.3A externally







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