Gas Buchholz Relay Air Exhausting



Buchholz Relay Air Exhausting


Gas Buchholz Relay Air exhausting

Buchholz relay gas box QH1-500
QJ1-500 gas relay gas box with 4 meters copper tube

Buchholz relay (also known as gas relay) is a protection device used in transformers. It is installed in the pipeline between the oil pillow and the oil tank of the transformer. The contact action of the gas relay connects the designated control circuit, and promptly sends out a signal alarm (light gas) or activates the protective element to automatically cut off the transformer (heavy gas).
The light gas mainly reflects that the gas decomposed by the oil rises into the gas relay during operation or minor failures. The air pressure causes the oil level to drop. The open cup of the relay drops with the oil surface. When there is too much gas, the gas can be released from the gas nozzle of the Buchholz relay.
The heavy gas is mainly reflected in the serious internal faults of the transformer (especially the faults where other transformer protection cannot act quickly, such as short-circuit between turns). The contact is closed and tripped.
Buchholz relay is divided into load Buchholz relay (oil pipe radius is generally 50mm or 80mm) and body Buchholz relay (oil pipe radius is generally 80mm). Buchholz relay has different models such as float type, baffle type and open cup type. For example, QJ-80 type relay, its signal circuit is connected to the open cup, and the trip circuit is connected to the lower baffle. The so-called gas protection signal action means that the signal circuit contact of the upper open cup in the relay is closed due to various reasons, and the light plate light is on.

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