Rain cover for Buchholz relay



Buchholz relay rain cover
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Rain cover for Buchholz relay

QJ4-25 type
QJ4-50 type
QJ4-80 type
QJ1-25 Small new type
QJ1-50 large new type
QJ1-80 large new type

Buchholz relay stainless steel rain cover

Material: 304 stainless steel Thickness: 0.6-0.8mm


QJ-25: Length 13.5cm Width 9cm Height 4.7cm

QJ-50: Length 17.5cm, Width 15cm, Height 7.8cm

QJ-80: length 17.5cm width 15cm height 7.8cm

The rain cover of the Buchholz relay belongs to the rain cover of the Buchholz relay in the substation. The utility model is composed of a left side vertical plate, a top plate, a right side vertical plate and a rear vertical plate, and the rear vertical plate is provided with bolt connection holes. It has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient disassembly and assembly, which can effectively prevent rainwater from entering and solve the problem of misoperation of gas protection.
The application of rain cover in the main transformer temperature control system: the transformer remote temperature measuring device is a device for remote monitoring and control of the transformer temperature in operation. When the main transformer is operating normally, the device cannot accurately measure the actual temperature of the main transformer when the temperature measurement error of the device is too large, so that the monitoring personnel cannot accurately locate the temperature range of the operating main transformer, and it is inconvenient for the operators to take corresponding measures and affect the transformer The reliable operation of the power supply has a serious impact on the reliability of power supply.
Fault: The waterproof measures of the Buchholz relay of the transformer body are not perfect. When it rains or when the snow melts, water droplets easily drip into the junction box through the oil pillow. In the light of the case, a DC ground fault will occur, and in the worst case, the transformer protection will mistakenly send a light gas signal or even a heavy gas protection action, causing the switches on both sides of the transformer to move.

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