Limit switch APL-210N


Model: APL-210N 
VOLTAGE AC:250V 3A,125V 5A, 
DC:250V 0.2A,125V 0.4A,30V 4A,8V 5A.

 APL-210N Limit switch

ALS (APL)-210 economical compact mechanical type;
ALS (APL)-220 economical induction type P+F Eexia intrinsic safety type;
ALS (APL)-310 strong mechanical type, ALS (APL)-320 strong induction type (P&F, IFM, etc.);
ALS (APL)-330 comes with 4~20mA valve position feedback type;
ALS10 imported mechanical type, ITS-100 imported mechanical switch,
ALS (APL) 410, ITS300BT6 explosion-proof mechanical switch;
420 Explosion-proof Inductive Switches (P+F, IFM, Omron OMRON, GOSWICH, etc.),
430 explosion-proof intelligent (built-in current feedback type);
ALS (APL)-510BT6 explosion-proof square mechanical type;
520 explosion-proof proximity switch;
530 explosion-proof built-in 4 ~ 20 mA current feedback type

APL-210N parameter
Protection class: IP67/NEMA4&4X (standard) IP68 (option)
Strong and compact housing design
The position of the switch can be clearly identified by the indicator
Two-wire interface: Dual 3/4NPT tube interface (standard)/M20, PG13.5, PF1/2”, PT1/2” (option)
Terminal Blocks: 8 points (0.08-2.5mm2)
Anti-off bolts
Easy installation, stainless steel spindle connection and mounting brackets meet NAMUR standards

APL-210N Replyer

Weight 0.8 kg






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