TS Probe Thermometer


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Probe Thermometer

TS Probe Thermometer SNK/SNA series Temperature Sensor

FSK/FSA level gauge accessories probe thermometer
TS-O80: 80℃
TS-O70: 70℃

Replaces the lower banjo bolt of the Level Gauge
Available for bolt size M12 only
Clearance hole: Ø13 mm / Ø.51 in

Metal parts made of Stainless Steel
Plastic parts made of glass-fibre reinforced Polyamide

Electrical Specifications
Thermo switch is activated when the fluid temperature
reaches the respective switching temperature
Available with switching temperatures of +60 °C,
+70 °C , +80 °C, or +90 °C
(with a switching tolerance of ±5 °C / ±9 °F and a
hysteresis of 35 °C / 63 °F)
Available as a break contact (normally closed) or make
contact (normally open)
Either equipped with industrial standard connector (types
C / O) or five-pin circular connector M12 (types CD / OD)
Thermo switch can be rotated by 360° to its final direction

Thermo Switch
Weight 0.9 kg




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