ZAC10 cycle controller


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ZAC10-I 4-20mA
ZAC10-P 2S
ZAC10-V 0-10DCV

ZAC10 cycle controller

Technical index:

Optical isolation input P type: pulse width modulation (duty cycle) pulse, period: 2 seconds; high level: 4~15V; low level: 1.5V; maximum input current: <20mA optical isolation

Voltage> 2KV DC (one second test)

4~20mA input I type: accept impedance <250 ohms. Adaptation interface: Japan Island Electric P or I type PID regulator or DCS output interface.

Output: 0~12V pulse, maximum drive current: 60mA automatic/manual selection: external non-voltage contact switch selection

Internal MS output mode: select by jumper plug terminal 1) PWM duty cycle output 2) CYC output

Internal power limit: internal potentiometer P1 adjustment (not limited by the factory) limit range: 0~100%. Note: It is invalid in manual or PL mode.

60 seconds power-on slow start: it starts when it is powered on for the first time or when it is manually turned to automatic, which is used to reduce the average power of cold start.

PL special power limit: see the application description later. Indicator light: PWM signal or 4~20mA input green LED; red LED output indication.

Load wiring mode: 50Hz single-phase or three-phase delta or star-shaped center ungrounded/grounded, two-control three-phase pure resistance load, no phase sequence.

ZAC10 cycle controller
ZAC10 cycle controller
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