YVP280M-4 Inverter Motor



YVF280M-4 90KW
380VAC, S1
IBM3/IMB5, IP55  F

YVP Series Variable Frequency Speed Regulating Motor

YVP series variable frequency adjustable speed motor is a kind of AC, high efficiency, energy saving adjustable speed motor. It is a new product of mechatronics with frequency converter.
1. High efficiency and energy saving
2. In the frequency modulation range, it can smoothly adjust the speed in the range of 5Hz ~ 100Hz or even wider.
3. Low noise and small vibration.
4. The starting torque is large and the impact of low frequency starting on load is small.
5. Simple structure, stable operation (especially at low frequency), reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
6. Small size, light weight, easy to install. The hood is slightly longer than Y series motor, but other sizes and installation dimensions are the same.
7. The starting current is small and no additional starting equipment is needed
8. It has good cooling effect under different rotating speed with an axial fan.
9. Wide range of applications can be used for any kind of speed regulation products.
Model Description:


Please click to download theYVP-Inverter-Motor-Catalog

Weight 580 kg

380V, 400V, 415V



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